“Presumed Innocent / Until Proven Guilty!!!”

Collings   Associates is your “go-to” legal counsel for criminal law practice in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas. It is the firm’s mission to provide quality and effective representation to people who are accused of serious offenses and major crimes in both State and Federal Court. Whether it is it is going to trial to avoid a conviction, or negotiating the most favorable plea bargain possible, a vigorous and formidable defense will be provided at every step of the case. Chris D. Collings is an experienced litigator who provides people with an aggressive defense in many different areas of criminal law, including:
DWI / BWI: When you were arrested, did you not have the normal use of your mental or physical faculties, or had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 or higher? This is what the prosecution must prove in order to show that you were intoxicated while driving or boating. It is important to know that people charged with DWI are facing two (2) cases against you! First, you have 15 days from the date of your arrest to request a hearing to try and save your driver’s license at a civil proceeding known as an Administrative License Revocation (ALR) hearing. Second, your DWI criminal case will depend on a multitude of factors that can initially be reviewed from the offense report, police video, and you breath/blood test results. The prosecution must prove that your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is both accurate and reliable. Collings & Associates know how to give a jury the information they need in order to have reasonable doubt about the prosecution meeting its burden of proof. Remember, you can and should refuse to take a breath or blood test! If you refuse, the police have to get a warrant!

Property Crimes: People accused of property crimes include such offenses as theft, burglary, robbery, and larceny.

Prostitution and Solicitation: People charged with this offense are accused of engaging, agreeing to engage, or engages in sexual conduct for a fee, or solicits another in a public place to engage with him/her in sexual conduct for hire.

Crimes against the Person: People accused of crimes against the person include such offenses as assault, battery, rape, and homicide. Notably, there are various levels of homicide from involuntary manslaughter to first degree murder.

Drug Offenses: People accused of drug offenses are charged with such things as possession, manufacturing, distribution, and trafficking.

White Collar Crimes: People accused of white collar crime include offenses including embezzlement, fraud, and obtaining property (money) under false pretenses.

Internet and Telecommunication Crimes: People accused of these offense are often charged with online impersonation, unauthorized use or theft of services, and manufacture, possession, or delivery of an unlawful device.

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