Chris represented my family in a lawsuit when a boat manufacturer and a boat dealer would not repair or replace a brand new boat which was defective. The suit ended with a jury trial in Galveston, Texas. Because there were multiple defendants, Chris was up against two different attorneys/law firms all week. At the end of the week, a unanimous verdict by the jury awarded us everything Chris asked for. Chris did such a great job in trial that several jurors asked for his business card and if he could represent them in the future.
Lee Hull

We have been extremely satisfied with the responsiveness and expertise that the Collings Law firm brought to our case. Under extremely tight time lines, they were able to effectively respond and better position our company re: litigation. Chris was very knowledgeable with not only Texas law, but more importantly how laws in other states may affect our case. Due to the efforts and effectiveness of the Collings Law firm, we had a very favourable outcome with our litigation.
Yoke, Inc.

Chris Collings at The Collings Law Firm, PLLC has proven to be a lawyer able and willing to take prompt and decisive action when it was needed, resulting in the full recovery of overdue ocean freight charges due our firm. We can recommend him to anyone needing good legal advice and affirmative action to get the job done at a fair price.

One of our associates recommended Chris Collings for a legal business issue we were dealing with, and we decided to follow through. After an initial telephone call with Chris, he provided valuable insight, was extremely friendly, and kindly offered to provide his support. We hired Chris, and are very pleased we did. His level of professionalism, expertise, and follow up is exceptional. Additionally, his integrity, openness, and warmth are some other special attributes that make him different, better, and special. We enthusiastically recommend Chris, and will be happy to be contacted as a reference.
Wayne Luciano and Dave Throckmorton

Chris Collings treats all his cases with equal enthusiasm. Our case was on the smaller side and he was more than willing to spend time to make sure we understood the particulars of the case and possible outcomes. He was available for questions when they came up and gave us unbiased advice. I appreciate his timeliness in answering questions and preparing the necessary documents related to our case. I will certainly recommend him to anyone I know in need of legal counsel.
Ed and Dezarey Lowe

My company was contracted to salvage a 47 foot vessel that had burned and sank in Galveston Bay. We did the job using a barge and Crain to remove it. After the job was done, about a month later my company was sued by the owners of an oyster lease. They said we were negligent and had done $250,000.00 worth of damage to the lease. The Collings Law Firm handled the case. When the seas settled Chris Collings had a WIN UNDER HIS BELT on this salvage and maritime claim.
Thank you Chris
Captain David Huston

One afternoon I heard on the marine radio that a vessel was on fire in Galveston Bay. I dispatched 2 salvage vessels, when they arrived on scene; the vessel was totally engulfed with fire. We were successful in putting out the fire while using pumps to keep the vessel from sinking and preventing damage to the environment. We billed the owner $30,000.00 for the salvage. His insurance company said it was a tow, only worth $2,000.00. I hired The Collings Law Firm to handle the case. Chris Collings and his Firm did an outstanding job and when it all was said and done, the case was a win for a lot more than the initial bill!
Thank you Chris
Captain David Huston